Company Profile

Automotest Limited is a medium-size service supplier providing engineering solutions for automotive industry and beyond. Our core activities take place in the United Kingdom, however in order to meet cost saving demands we also have direct access to our lab facilities off-shore.

Vision systems

Vision Systems

The capability to provide reliable visual verification gradually becomes the necessity not only within the automotive industry but for almost any consumer product development. Evolving from the automation of testing and production processes, vision systems are now an important part of Automotest's research and our portfolio of related projects is constantly growing.

HMI Simulation


During infotainment system development user functionality has to be specified and simulated. This helps to resolve many functional issues months before the first prototype vehicle is built and significantly improves overall development process. Our Simulation Engineers are responsible for driving forward innovative tools and methods used to develop infotainment systems of the future.



Our Test Engineers support every aspect of the vehicle system integration including: test planning, creating robust design verification methods and maintaining test platforms. With component and system level testing on rigs, lab-cars and prototype vehicles still being the focus of the manual testing process, test automation becomes an inevitable part of the quality and reliability assurance.

Hardware Design

Hardware Design

After several successful years within the automotive industry we are now launching our own product range. Automotest's products are not designed for the mass-market but rather focusing on providing specific solutions reaching from simple electrical interfaces, robotic arms, XYZ-positioners, visual recognition/validation tools up to complex test stations for CAN/MOST systems.